Book Tweet Service

Authors are my heroes. You’ve written your masterpiece, let me offer my book tweet service: use my Twitter influence to help you promote to the world!

As of June, 2016, I have over 28k followers on my main Twitter account (@pimpbooks) and my sister account: Author Frenzy (@authorfrenzy) combined.

My followers: Avid readers, reviewers, book bloggers, vloggers, book tour hosts, fans, authors, editors and publishers – bookish people, hence, my book tweet service will not fall on deaf ears.

Do you have a new release, giveaway, Amazon KDP free day? Do you offer proofreading, editing, book cover design services? Anything book or author-related at all, use my book tweet service, let me help you pimp it to the world!

How does my book tweet service work? I will shout out for you 10 times per day on both my accounts (total of 20 tweets per day), approximately 1-hour apart each tweet.

But, to keep my Twitter timeline still intimate and personal (which in turn keeps my followers interested, and more likely to click on your link), I only serve 5 (five) people per day. So, book me in advance!

Please contact me at least 3 days in advance.

  • Pricing:

1 day : USD10       Buy Now with Paypal
2 days: USD19      Buy Now with Paypal
3 days: USD28      Buy Now with Paypal
4 days: USD37      Buy Now with Paypal
5 days: USD45      Buy Now with Paypal

New and Special: I now offer a super, mega, ultra awesome Tweet-Crazy Package:

20 tweets per day on both accounts (meaning 40 tweets in total) for 5 days of your choice!

This is double the value, for 5 days, at a market value of $90-100, but how much am I offering it to you today?

Only USD79!

USD79 for a super, double-value: 20 tweets a day on both Twitter accounts (total of 40 tweets per day), for 5 days of your choice!


Got a question? Email me.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse any tweeting request. If this happens, I will issue a full refund.

Note: If you send me tweet texts that are longer than Twitter’s 140 character limit, it is understood that you allow me to trim it for you. No refund will be issued if you are not satisfied with my wording.

After payment, please email me at pimpbooks(at) with the following information. Thank you!

Name of Author:

Paypal Email (if different from contact email):

Author Twitter name (@username):

Tweet-plan purchased: 1 Day / 2 Days / 3 Days / 4 Days / 5 Days / Tweet-crazy 5 Days

Dates you’d like me to tweet (please give me more than 1 choice):

Tweet texts (1-20 different ones. Or if you prefer that I write the tweets for you, please at least include your book title and book purchase link):

Where did you hear about my service? Twitter / Facebook Ad / Facebook Groups / Google search / Word of mouth

* * *


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